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Cheiron Medical

Cheiron medical is a specialist medical consultacy set up by Dr Bruce Alexander.

I learned to fly in South Africa and obtained my PPL(A) in 1975. I gained a Commercial license with ME and IF in 1981 and PPL(H) in 1990 and served with the South African Air Force from 1992 when I was awarded my SAAF Wings, flying as a Commando Pilot with the SAAF 105 Squadron based in Durban until relocating to the UK in 1999.

For 17 years I shared various Luscombe 8A aircraft based at Farthing Corner (EGMF) and  completed building a Rotorway 162F/ Talon Hybrid helicopter. I relocated to Devon in 2018 and continue to fly the Rotorway as well as a Maule MX7 180A based at Watchford Farm

I was accredited by the South African CAA as a designated AME in 1980 and senior designated AME in 1985. I received UK CAA AME Class 2 examiner status in 2006 and Class 1 status in 2007. My qualifications allow me to carry out medical examinations for UK, and EASA Class One, Two and Three certificates.

I was awarded a post graduate degrees in Family Medicine in 1991 and Occupational Medicine in 1997. Apart from many years in General Practice, including rural clinics serviced by air (fixed wing and helicopter) my practice has involved several contracts in occupational medicine in industries ranging from speciality chemicals to dissolving pulp, paper and poultry farms and abbattoirs. I am currently Corporate Medical Director for Air Products Inc with global responsibilities

Additional areas of expertise include numerous qualifications in the field of In Vitro Toxicology (Non-animal testing of cosmetic and chemical products) and accreditation as a Safety Assessor of Cosmetic Products in the European Union. I have a special interest in aviation and aerospace medicine as well as occupational and commercial aspects of skin allergy.

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Expertise in Aviation and Occupational Medicine